Provider Education and Training

Provider Education and Training

Mile High Healthcare has medical professionals on staff that can provide perspective from “that side of the desk”.  Because our recommendations take into account the day-to-day issues providers face, we are better able to impact provider behavior and compliance. 

Understand Real World Challenges

Medical professionals are, by nature, a competitive, driven group of professionals who will do whatever it takes to improve their quality scores IF they can see the

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value, and we can help them find easy ways to work the additional steps into their schedule with. More than half the battle within the profession is to get the dialogue started, but in order to get the dialogue started you have to be able to “talk doctor”. By this we mean, you have to know when and HOW to approach physicians, and what better way to do that than with providers who have been there.

Customized Training to Achieve Your Specific Goals

Mile High Healthcare Analytics works with provider groups and health plans to develop training programs that address specific pain points. Our programs are built around the needs of the particular type of care setting being used by a provider, a provider group, an IPA, etc. We help providers improve:

  • Data quality 
  • Data compliance and governance
  • Quality improvement planning
  • Adherence to specific quality improvement initiatives

For each program we supply the tools needed to pinpoint and improve your plan’s shortcomings. We analyze your program data to develop gap analyses, report cards and dashboards that allow providers to identify and address issues that are impacting risk adjustment and quality management success. Let the Mile High team meet with you and your physicians to create a tailored plan. Call for a consultation today.


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Mile High Healthcare Analytics is the proud host of the MHHA Webinar Series. In these sessions, Richard Lieberman and occasional guest speakers from various parts of the industry discuss topics relevant in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and the Health Insurance Exchanges.

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