Data Management

Data Management Expertise

No place is the term “garbage in, garbage out” more relevant than in the healthcare analytics arena.  The complexity of healthcare data sets combined with frequent changes in coding schemes and regulatory requirements has made the challenge of healthcare data management increasingly difficult.  Plus, in most organizations, the ownership for data management is very fragmented with a variety of teams responsible for a subset of the data pie. 

Integrated Data Management Solutions

At Mile High Healthcare Analytics, we strongly advocate an integrated data management approach where a single source of verified information can be shared by all who need it, and clear data governance rules are in place to maintain data quality.  As a neutral third party, we view data management with a different lens than the individual departmental stakeholders.  We support clients with cross-organization data management process assessments to identify:

  • Missing or incomplete data sources
  • Systemic quality control errors
  • Missing or incorrect codes
  • Member/Provider identifier inaccuracies…and more

From there we can document improved data acquisition and management plans and, when needed, can help clients build integrated data warehousing solutions with all the information required for successful risk adjustment and quality improvement operations.

Expertise to Identify the Gaps

Our team lives and breathes healthcare data on a daily basis.  We’ve performed hundreds of risk assessment and quality audits and understand that data integrity is a success factor.  We know the common data quality gaps and have the tools and expertise to efficiently determine where an organization can improve.

Mile High’s unique capabilities are augmented by our keen insights into how data governance strategies are essential to optimizing plan operations.  We are not just data geeks, but operational experts!